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A Playbook for Resiliency:

May 13, 2020

How we approach the challenge of recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic will define the Texas that we live in going forward. A Playbook for Resiliency: Creating Opportunity for All Texans outlines nine principles and associated actions for an inclusive and more resilient Texas.

Houston Matters: How the pandemic might accelerate urbanization

April 9, 2020

LBJ's Steven Pedigo talks about how the COVID-19 pandemic could speed up urbanization around Texas.

Video: Steven Pedigo and Waterloo Greenway's Peter Mullan on COVID-19 and urban public spaces

April 2, 2020

LBJ Urban Lab Director Steven Pedigo talks with Peter Mullan, CEO of the Waterloo Greenway Conservancy, about how COVID-19 is impacting public spaces in our communities. Their conversation was additional material for the debut session of the virtual series LBJ In the Arena.

Video: Steven Pedigo and Richard Florida discuss 'Restarting Our Cities'

April 1, 2020

LBJ Urban Lab Director Steven Pedigo talked with University of Toronto Professor Richard Florida of the University of Toronto, one of the world's leading thinkers in urban studies and the co-founder of City Lab, about what urban areas will need in the aftermath of the COVID-19 crisis. Their conversation launched the virtual series LBJ In the Arena.

Getting urban economies back up and running after COVID-19

March 24, 2020

A 10-point action plan for economic developers (or economic development organizations)

How our cities can reopen after the COVID-19 pandemic

March 24, 2020

We will get through this pandemic. We will go back to work and school and gather in restaurants and theaters and sports stadiums again. But when we do, cities and their leaders should not simply return to business as usual, write Steven Pedigo and Richard Florida for the Brookings Institution.

Riding while drunk and other dangers of the electric scooter craze

Nov. 6, 2019

Steven Pedigo, director of the LBJ Urban Lab, weighs in on the challenges cities face in integrating electric scooters into the urban landscape.

Viagran: City, tech companies should 'work hand in hand' to solve sharing economy issues

Sept. 28, 2019

"'Urban tech is a sector that is here, it's not going anywhere, and it's really changing the way we live our lives,' said moderator Steven Pedigo, who directs the Urban Lab at The University of Texas at Austin's LBJ School of Public Affairs."

Podcast: Former NYC deputy mayor Alicia Glen on future-proofing cities

Sept. 26, 2019

Former NYC Deputy Mayor for Housing and Economic Development Alicia Glen joins guest host and Urban Lab Director Steven Pedigo to discuss ways policymakers can leverage public-private partnerships to future-proof cities.

Opinion: We can’t address homelessness until we have good data

Sept. 25, 2019

"As professors of public policy, we know two things: The city can't solve a problem it can't define, and it can neither define homelessness nor identify solutions to it until it has reliable data. Right now, we simply don't know enough to make informed decisions. If Austin wants to seriously address homelessness, that has to change."